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GFI FaxMaker now has a new web-based interface for simplified monitoring of all faxing activities


The new version of GFI FaxMaker introduces a modern web interface that allows IT administrators to monitor and manage electronic faxing more efficiently, from anywhere and with any device. Austin (TX), USA, June 20, 2017 – GFI Software announced today the release of a new version of its award-winning electronic faxing solution - GFI FaxMaker 19.0 introduces a modern web interface for complete monitoring and management of all faxing activities. IT administrators can now use this new interface to track and manage all fax queues remotely, using any type of device. With this new version, GFI FaxMaker can automatically update as new versions or patches are released, so all feature improvements and critical patches are installed immediately as they become available, or at a previously set schedule. “Our commitment to improve existing products and introduce new and modern features is clearly visible in the case of GFI FaxMaker, our popular long-lived faxing product trusted by thousands of businesses around the world. We have listened to suggestions from our large customer base and have developed a modern, web-based interface that simplifies management of electronic faxing in small and medium-sized businesses,” explains Heather Paunet, VP of Product Marketing at GFI Software. The new interface is used for monitoring of all fax queues Thanks to the new interface, IT admins can now reinitiate GFI FaxMaker instances remotely. With the introduction of automatic updating, there’s no more need for manual updates of GFI FaxMaker installations. Analyzing past events has been simplified, by moving the GFI FaxMaker event logs into the Windows Event Viewer. Advanced reporting, presented in the previous version of GFI FaxMaker, is available too, as well as the easy-to-use web client for end users. Besides these new and improved features, version 19.0 brings plenty of smaller improvements and fixes, such as decreased downtime by avoiding unintended server disruptions and improved language localization in the user interface.